HackPSU | Learn Something Cool

March 28th - 29th, 2015



Join us at Penn State in March for HackPSU, a 24 hour learning hackathon powered by Innoblue Entrepreneurship. 400 students will be traveling from around the country to learn, collaborate and compete for prizes.




Diversity -> innovation

At HackPSU, we aim to encourage people from all different backgrounds to get involved in hackathon culture. We believe that diversity is a driving force of innovation, and desire to make a difference and help diversify the tech industry.


Q: What is a hackathon?

A: Hackathons are where your crazy idea becomes reality. Build anything - there are no restrictions on what you can create. Dive in and make the most incredible thing you can alongside fellow creators. While some may see hackers as the crazy ones, we see genius.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Any and all undergraduate students from any university in the world are eligible. We are also welcoming aspiring high school students on a limited basis.

Q: I can`t code! Should I bother coming?

A: YES. Hackathons are more about learning than anything else. There will be individuals who are experts on pretty much everything from hardware, to software, to Tolkien elvish. There`s really no better place to jumpstart your journey into the wonderful world of code than HackPSU.

Q:What if I don`t have a team or an idea?

A: No problem! Many hackers do not have a fully-formed team or hack concept before the event begins. We will be hosting team-forming activities after hacking begins to help you find the perfect match. If you`re a first-time hacker, there will be many others looking for team members with whom you can pair.

Q: What can I build?

A: Web, mobile, hardware, you name it. Any type of project is welcome. Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and utility by a panel of industry judges.

Q:Will you be reimbursing travel?

A: We are working on securing funding for buses and will reimburse travel on case by case basis. Travel reimbursement applications will be available once the priority application round is complete.

Q: What should I bring?

A: All attendees are required to bring their valid student ID and a positive attitude for admission. Laptops, sleeping bags, and toiletries are highly recommended.

Q: How much does it cost?

A:4 simple payments of $24.99, and a $50 application fee... Just kidding! HackPSU is completely free for all accepted hackers. We will provide your WiFi, meals, caffeine, swag, workspace, and fun times through the duration of the event.

Q: Can I start programming before the competition?

A:No part of your hack may be started before HackPSU begins. We ask that all hacks are completed within the 24 hour timeslot. You may use any API or free resource available though.

Q: Why HackPSU?

A:HackPSU is different from most hackathons because our focus is on beginners! Throughout the weekend we will have focused workshops to take you from zero to hero! We promise that through these learning opportunities, even if you come here with nothing, you will leave with a working portfolio website or prototype application! Their will even be beginner/newbie prizes!

Q: How big should teams be? Can I hack alone?

A:We highly encourage you to build with a team. Teamwork is deeply rooted in the hacking ethos, and you`ll have a better time building with your brightest peers. Teams should be at the most five people.


Time Event Location
10:30 AM Registration IST Building Lobby
12:00 PM Opening Ceremony 10 Sparks Building
1:00 PM Lunch/Hacking Begins IST Building
2:00 PM Microsoft Azure Workshop Cybertorium
3:00PM Workshop #1
5:00 PM Workshop #2
7:00 PM Dinner IST Building
8:00 PM Workshop #3
10:00 PM Workshop #4
12:00 AM Super Awesome Secret Event!
8:00 AM Breakfast
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Hacking Ends/Expo Begins
2:30 PM Closing Ceremony Hetzel Union Building


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